Maggot Therapy in alternative treatment

Published: 20th January 2010
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Our Alternative Treatment Centre for Diabetic Wound provides an option to diabetics suffering from diabetes wounds and foot ulcers whether to solve their problems at our centre or at other conventional clinic and hospital. Our centre provides complete alternative treatments and therapies together with its natural and halal medication specifically for diabetes wounds and foot ulcers. The treatments and therapies provided also use and adopt conventional modern treatments such as the use of surgical supplies, instruments, procedures and techniques where are applicable.

The nature and complexity of diabetes wounds continue to challenge health practitioners in the field as many of the alternative treatment options offered often fail to provide good outcomes to the diabetics. Diabetes wounds are often infected with various kinds of bacteria resistant to antibiotics, compounding the problem. However, some alternative treatments have been used and are gaining recognition. One of them is the use of maggot or known as maggot therapy on the diabetes wounds and foot ulcers.
Maggot Therapy
Maggots have been used for centuries to help heal wounds, especially by military surgeons who noted that soldiers whose wounds became infested with maggots healed better. The beneficial effects of therapeutic maggots were first observed since the Malay ancient times which noted that Malay warriors whose wounds had become infested had an improved prognosis. When novel surgical techniques and antibiotics were discovered during second world war, maggot debridement therapy (MDT) moved into the background.
Medicinal maggots (sterilized larvae of the green bottle fly Lucilia sericata that do not reproduce nor feed on live tissue) work as biochemical debriding agents. They ingest bacteria and degrade them in their intestinal tract. They also produce an enzyme that disinfects the wound, dissolves necrotic tissue, and stimulate wound healing. Medicinal maggots are now being used against a wide spectrum of wounds and are proving to be effective any other multi resistant microorganisms. They also appear to be more cost effective than other methods of wound healing.

Studies have indicated that about 40% to 50% of wounds treated with maggot therapy as the last alternative before amputation was healed, and the limbs were saved. This statement was supported by Dr. Ronald Sherman, a pathologist at UC Irvine who has been breeding and studying maggots for years. The practice has been growing by about 25% a year in the United States. According to him, maggots received marketing clearance as "medical devices" by the FDA in January 2004, making them the first live organism marketed in the United States. This therapy is currently reimbursable by Medicare.
About 50 centers in North America, 400 in the United Kingdom, more than 140 in Germany, and more worldwide currently offer maggot therapy as an option for treatment in wound care.
Wounds and ulcers are the medical term for injuries that occur when skin is torn, cut, sore, bruised, punctured, or similarly damaged. Most diabetes wounds and ulcers can be treated at our Treatment Center.

Our Alternative Treatment Center for Diabetic Wound in Gombak Kuala Lumpur Malaysia has been operational since 1996 and has proven to diabetes world that diabetic wound and foot ulcers can be treated and can be avoided from being amputated.

Alternative / natural medication

Medication provided at the Center is all made of plants and processed in accordance to the standard of processing natural herbs. It is 100% drug free, safe and halal.

Kindly email us at if you have any query. We will reply to you within 24 hours and will do our best to help you.

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